Time capsule features more than 50 items

Memories and keepsakes from 2021 will now live on for 50 years, after members of the Bryan City Council buried a time capsule in front of the Bryan Municipal Office Building on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2021. The Mayor and Council members were joined by City of Bryan staff and members of the public for the […]

Celebrating big for 150 years!

The time has come for the City of Bryan to celebrate its 150th Anniversary of Incorporation in person. The City of Bryan’s actual anniversary date is Nov. 29, 2021, but since that falls on Thanksgiving weekend, we’re celebrating all this week! Time Capsule burial Just like we did in 1996 for the 125th anniversary, the […]

Water Services

VIEW OTHER DEPARTMENTS Bryan’s Water Services Department manages the pumps that produce more than 20 million gallons of water a day during peak water usage months. In FY2021, the department: Completed pilot study of aquifer and storage recovery. Continued construction on backup electrical generation at Main Street pump station. Painted the interior of the Luza […]

Wastewater Services

Late 2000s: City of Bryan workers replacing a sewer line.

VIEW OTHER DEPARTMENTS Bryan’s Wastewater Services Department operates three activated sludge plants to treat the community’s wastewater. In FY2021, the department: Adopted a Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) for for 1,284 acres in Bryan. The MSD statute substitutes a municipal ordinance or restrictive covenant for Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulations to protect the public […]

Traffic Operations

1910: Bryan in 1910. Main Street is still unpaved at this time, and there is a mix of horses, wagons, and the new automobiles.

VIEW OTHER DEPARTMENTS Bryan’s Traffic Operations Department works to provide a safe and efficient transportation system in the city. Accomplishments in FY2021 included: Applied for new Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside (TASA) Program grant funding for shared-use paths on William Joel Bryan Parkway from Main Street to State Highway 21 and on Villa Maria Road from FM […]

Streets & Drainage

VIEW OTHER DEPARTMENTS Bryan’s Street and Drainage Department works hard to provide the community a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing thoroughfare system. In FY2021, the department: Responded to more than 100 calls during the two snowfall events in January and February. Removed silt from creek and tributary channels throughout the city. Cleaned box culverts at major […]

Solid Waste

1980s: Solid Waste workers collecting trash.

VIEW OTHER DEPARTMENTS The city’s Solid Waste Department provides the community with safe, timely, cost-effective and environmentally conscious solid waste collection and disposal. In FY2021, the department: Maintained solid waste rates at $13.50/month for all residents. Constructed and opened a new drive-through Used Tire Recycling Program at the Public Works Municipal Service Center. Updated the […]

Risk Management

VIEW OTHER DEPARTMENTS Bryan’s Risk Management Department manages the casualty and property insurance programs and the employee benefit programs for the city. In FY2021, the department: Obtained vaccine availability for Police Department with CHI St. Joseph’s Group 1B distribution and assisted employees/retirees in finding and scheduling available COVID-19 vaccinations.  Enhanced services through the Employee Health […]

Pub. Works Call Center

VIEW OTHER DEPARTMENTS The Public Works Call Center fields questions and complaints from residents about streets, water, wastewater and solid waste services. Accomplishments from FY2021 included: Logged more than 22,714 job orders. Answered more than 48,524 calls. Distributed mosquito dunks to residents. Implemented a new call out process to Public Works when BTU experiences a […]

Police Department

1933: Bryan Police Officer Howard Lee.

VIEW OTHER DEPARTMENTS Bryan’s Police Department continues to focus on protecting life, property and freedoms by solving crime and forming partnerships with citizens in the community. Accomplishments in FY2021 include: Community The department participated in a number of community events, despite many being canceled or reduced due to COVID-19. BPD was selected as a City […]