Streets & Drainage

Bryan’s Street and Drainage Department works hard to provide the community a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing thoroughfare system. In FY2021, the department:

  • Responded to more than 100 calls during the two snowfall events in January and February.
  • Removed silt from creek and tributary channels throughout the city.
  • Cleaned box culverts at major creek crossings.
  • Installed headwalls, outfalls and safety end treatments for staff projects.
  • Repaired a concrete-lined channel off Tanglewood Street.
  • Rebuilt the entrance driveway to the City Cemetery.
  • Maintained the mowing contract for more than 90 miles of the city’s major thoroughfares and rights of way.
  • Compiled a bid for mowing contract throughout the city.
  • Bid the seal coat street maintenance project.
  • Bid the asphalt overlay street maintenance project.