View the growth and evolution of Bryan and Brazos County through historic cartography. Be sure to check back often, as we’ll be periodically adding new maps to the archive. Unless otherwise noted, all maps are courtesy of the Carnegie History Center or the City of Bryan.

Brazos County Maps

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Brazos County Map of Slave Plantation locations in 1859

1859: Map of Brazos County showing location of slave plantations.

Brazos County Map 1867

1867: Map of Brazos County compiled and drawn by C.C. Stremme in 1867. (This is a replica of the original map.)

Brazos County Map 1879

1879: Map of Brazos County from the General Land Office of the State of Texas.

City of Bryan Maps

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Freedman Town map from 1880/

1880: Freedman Town map. Known also as Hall’s Addition (or Hall’s Division in some maps), Freedman Town was one of the earliest communities of African Americans in Brazos County after the Civil War. First land sales of lots date to 1867. It was located in blocks 7 and 8 of the “Bryan’s First Addition” area, bordering the northeastern border of the original City of Bryan townsite.

City of Bryan map illustration from 1915. Digital image from City Development services department that has been stylized.

1915: Stylized digital copy of a map of the City of Bryan in 1915. This map shows the original Bryan townsite as well as the various other city additions and expansion that had occurred to this point in time.

City of Bryan Planning Map 1950

1950: Urban planning map of Bryan created by the engineering firm of Koch and Fowler for the City of Bryan in 1950.

City of Bryan National Register of Historic Places Map 1987

1987: Map of sites in Bryan that are on the National Register of Historic Places.