Water Services


Bryan’s Water Services Department manages the pumps that produce more than 20 million gallons of water a day during peak water usage months. In FY2021, the department:

  • Completed pilot study of aquifer and storage recovery.
  • Continued construction on backup electrical generation at Main Street pump station.
  • Painted the interior of the Luza Street 2 MG elevated reservoir as part of infrastructure protection efforts.
  • Engineered a master meter solution for high-service production facilities.
  • Pilot tested register replacements for end-of-life-cycle transition for Omni meters (> 1”).
  • Completed America’s Water Infrastructure Act Risk and Resilience Assessment.
  • Updated the water distribution system master plan.
  • Replaced water lines on Churchill Road and Lynn Drive.
  • Designed a water transmission main along Silver Hill Road.
  • Replaced water lines along Woodville Road, Coulter Drive and Palasota Drive.
  • Continued the city’s proactive valve program.
  • Initiated customer service functionality of automated meter infrastructure installation
  • Expanded the database for customer service inspectors/backflow prevention assembly testers.
  • Improved fire flows in areas with flows below 1000 gpm.
  • Flow tested fire hydrants.
  • Purchased property for a future 5 MG ground storage reservoir addition.
  • Enhanced the city’s water quality control measures.
  • Installed strategically placed valves to improve distribution system operation.
  • Designed the electrical conversion for Well 11 and reactivated the well status with TCEQ.