Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU)

Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) provides reliable, competitively priced electricity to the City of Bryan and surrounding areas while also emphasizing exceptional customer service and being a responsible, caring member of the community. In FY2021, BTU:

Received many prestigious awards

  • The Diamond Level Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) Designation for a third consecutive three-year term by the American Public Power Association (APPA). AnRP3 designation is a sign of a utility’s dedication to operating an efficient, safe and reliable distribution system. Being recognized by the RP3 program demonstrates to community leaders, governing board members, suppliers, and service providers a utility’s commitment to its employees, customers and community.
  • TheSmart Energy Provider (SEP) Award by the APPA. The SEP program is a best practices designation for utilities that show commitment to and proficiency in energy efficiency, distributed generation, renewable energy and environmental initiatives while providing affordable electric service.
  • Two Excellence in Public Power Communications Awards by the APPA, including anAward of Merit in the Web & Social Media category for the Safety Series social media campaign focusing on electrical safety; and an Award of the Excellence in the Print & Digital category for the 2019 BTU Annual Report, focusing on 100 years of BTU as a public power utility.

Was involved in many infrastructure improvements and construction projects

  • Removed the Nall Lane Substation along William Joel Bryan and replaced it with the Rodgers Substation on Nash Street, improving safety, reliability and aesthetics.
  • Upgraded several transmission lines from 69kV to 138kV to accommodate growth and prepare for future development, especially in the west side of the territory anchored by the Texas A&M University System’s RELLIS Campus.
  • Converted overhead lines to underground facilities along SouthCollege Avenue, Texas Avenue and William Joel Bryan Parkway, improving safety and aesthetics along these thoroughfares.
  • Constructed a new distribution service center off Fountain Avenue to accommodate growth in field personnel.

Managed Winter Storm Uri

  • Managed an unprecedented load shed called by ERCOT. BTU faired the storm well with strong financial planning and dedicated employees who worked around the clock.
  • Did not have to raise rates or alter any customer charges due to the financial impacts of the storm.
  • Operated BTU generation facilities during the entire event with no outages.