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Mr. Bill Watkins shares his story about being in the newsroom when the alert came that President Kennedy had been shot in 1963

Mr. Bill Watkins: Well, I just happened to be walking down the hall by the UPI machine and it started dinging. The alarm went off. When a big bulletin comes in, the alarm would go off back then. And I walked over and I opened it up and ripped it off, and saw where President Kennedy had been shot. I was in a state of shock and I thought somebody was pulling a joke or a hoax or something on us. And I discussed for a couple of seconds with somebody standing next to me whether we ought to put it on the air or not. And so we decided, go ahead and put it on the air. So we put it on the air right then. And then out of a memorial, we played dirge music for the next four days. No commercials, no talking at all, just playing the slow, mournful type music to mourn the shooting of the president. And then once Johnson was sworn in and took over, then we kicked back to our regular programming.