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Mr. Joe Ramirez’s shares his story about the Ibarra School fifth grade basketball team

Yes. We filled out this basketball team, and I remember we didn't have a basketball court. But our teacher, the one that organized us to go play basketball across town... And we would meet at boy school, and we didn't have shorts then. We didn't know what basketball was all about. And she initiated sort of like a uniform, and I think she made us all get white t-shirts and she put on those numbers on the t-shirt. And that was your number. And that's how we became a basketball team. And you list five to a team or so, and we were like 12, 13 of us, and we just all wanted to play basketball. And Ms. Ella Marca, our teacher, she was so good, did all that. And then she was our sort of call it coach in that softball team that we had, that we went on to be the town championships. But there was no publicity on it. There was no nothing that you could think of, just done and done that. But I remember those days and then that's how it all develop about that school. And to this day, I go through there quite a bit.