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Mr. Joe Ramirez’s shares his story about the Ibarra School baseball team

Mr. Joe Ramirez: Now going back to when Miss Ella Marca started this softball team with us. We played there, I think it was three years, filling in with this other schools. They were already playing softball. The elementary were sort of organized. We weren't organized. We were just playing. We were trying to fill a team. We had kids that were coming up, like Leo Cheverria. He was one of the elderliest players. Then right behind, Adam was another one of his mates and Daniel Lopez was part of that crew. Then we would follow up behind another great down low. Leo Cheverria was always an instinct ball player. He was the best player there was and everybody just stayed with him [inaudible 00:01:03]. Leo was the pitcher and I was the catcher and he would burn me up behind that plate. I'll tell you what, I stuck with it. And to this day, I still see him every now and then and he remembers, and "Hey Joe, you remember?" He'd go. "Hi. Yeah. Hi, let's go." And stuff like that.

Interviewer: Do you still have any of your uniforms?

Mr. Joe Ramirez: We didn't have no uniforms. As soon as we got out of the class, we get ready to go. I think there might have been a couple of two, three cars that took us.

Interviewer: To the games.

Mr. Joe Ramirez: To the games. Yeah. We had no transportation. We didn't have a van or nothing like that, but we made it to all those parks. The elementary schools that we played and won all those games that year was Crockett School. We played Travis Elementary, Fannon Elementary. We played Boyd Elementary and St. Joseph. And then we went and played Lamar Junior High.

Interviewer: They were so good.

Mr. Joe Ramirez: And we beat all those guys. Somehow or another they created something for this championship team. That's when Louper Reis started making that song about a year before we did all this. And she had this song called, "The San Jacinto Bullets," and she would rhyme that thing real good. At the end of the year or after the year was over, they presented us with some burnt orange ...

Interviewer: T-shirts.

Mr. Joe Ramirez: ... T-shirts. Bullets. They just say Bullets. Did they say San Jose Bullets. So that's pretty much of what I remember of those days.