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Mrs. Marjorie Saculla describes the Dr. Pepper plant and the feeling of having a Dr. Pepper

Mrs. Marjorie Saculla: That's a [inaudible 00:00:01] and I didn't tell you that one of my daddy's sisters married the three brothers that had the Dr. Pepper plant downtown. I don't know if you've ever heard of that. All right. Well, they're the ones that brought Dr. Pepper into Bryan and bottled it. And my daddy, before he married my mother worked for them some before he got into his own business and everything.

Interviewer: The bottling company?

Mrs. Marjorie Saculla: Yes. And boy, if you got a Dr. Pepper way back then, man, you felt like you were hmm hmm nice!

Interviewer: Something special.

Mrs. Marjorie Saculla: And they all lived where that Dr. Pepper plant is on that corner. If you walk, just go down the street, the side street a block, each one of them had a house and they all lived right there at that Dr. Pepper plant.