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>Mrs. Louise Marsh Reeves shares her story of these two sweaters and attending SFA High School

He probably gave it to some girl, and that's what they did. The boys gave the sweaters to the girls, and if a girl had a sweater, she gave it to the boy that she was going with or something. I remember I had a sweater or two that had belonged to some other people, but I think I gave them all back. But that's interesting. I mean, I did graduate from SFA High School. In my day, it was called a Stephen F. Austin Senior High School, Because I'll date myself. I graduated in 1944 and my brother graduated in, oh, goodness, 1940. So, those are old, old things. I mean, I can't imagine the sweaters are still being there.

I know who he probably gave that sweater to years ago, and I remember him wearing it, but my brother... But I don't know whose that was that had my name in it. It could have been anyone, I guess. Very interesting though. You received those sweaters if you played football, or baseball, or tennis, or if you had something like that. And I did not. I didn't run track or anything like that. So, I would suppose that belonged to someone else, and how my name got in it, I have no idea. I don't even remember wearing any sweater that belonged to a track manager, but that was a long time ago. There's a lot we don't remember from back in those days.

I was there during the 30s and the 40s, and then I married in 1948. And of course, I went to that university that Texas A&M didn't care for in those days. But girls could not go to Texas A&M except during the summer. And we lived on the campus, so of course I could go during the summer. But I had to go to Austin to college, which was okay in those days. But I'm still an Aggie. You might know. I grew up there.

Well, I appreciate you calling me. It's always so nice to hear about things like that, and good luck on your 150th anniversary, my word.