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>Mrs. Linda Andersson Hoch shares the story of her grandfather moving her family to Bryan, Texas in 1927

My name is Linda Anderson Hoch. I was born and grew up in Bryan, Texas. My parents are Andrew and Frances Anderson. My dad's father, my grandfather is August Benson Anderson.

August was born in Sweden and arrived in the Port of New York in April of 1899. Well, before my grandfather arrived in Bryan in December of 1927, he lived in Brooklyn, New York and met my grandmother, Freida Walter and they had three children. My dad, Andrew Anderson is the oldest of those three kids. My grandfather grew up on a farm in Sweden, but in New York, he was a contractor and architect in the building industry with an office in New York City on Broadway and 34th Street.

Well, while working and living in New York, my grandfather saw a newspaper advertisement, "Come to the promise land, Bryan, Texas." So in April, 1927, my grandfather traveled to Bryan, Texas, where he purchased a farm and then he returned to get his family and they moved to the farm in 1927. I am so thankful my grandfather decided to come to the advertised promise land, Bryan, Texas.