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Mr. Joe Ferreri and his daughters share the story about the the Triangle Drive In and Sugar-n-Spice

Mr. Joe Ferreri: And yet we had nothing. Instead of driving in, and going out, I put a pole, or a wire [inaudible 00:00:14], a rope from the building to a pole. And I put a drape over it, where you have a car coming up. A little drive in [inaudible 00:00:31]. So they would come in and come out, and get the thing. That worked real good. But a lot of them didn't like eating out on the [inaudible 00:00:42]. So I bought [inaudible 00:00:43]. And went to Houston saw what they do in their drive in. They had girls driving like this here was the thing. And I went back and repeat that. I said that could work. It did work. I did the same thing, and here I go. Now it's [inaudible 00:01:03] almost. So I turned around, and I built another building. Way up at the triangle. And way up there. And [inaudible 00:01:18] a big awning, great big one, and a building in there. And we went first class drive in. I had the most beautiful girls. And boy, those Aggies and the airmen ... And it got so bad that they were fighting. They were getting drunk and fighting. And the only thing they were going to put on, A&M was going to close me down. I said, "Give me three months." I said, "I'll get it all straightened out." And so I walked down to Bryan, down to where ... What do you call it? The grave. There's a grave, and by the grave was a filling station, and a big lot. I said, "I'm going to go talk to that guy. Maybe he can sell it." Anyway, I went over there. And I said, "Hey, Johnny. How's business?" And he says it was bad. I said, "Why don't you sell it?" "Nobody would want to buy it." I said, "What do you want for it?" He told me. It was real nice. I said, "I'll buy it." Now, I got me a filling station with a big lot. I didn't want the filling station. By the way-

Interviewer: Please.

Interviewer: Yeah, go ahead.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Susan: Sugar and Spice. Then there was a gas station that sat over here. So the land that he bought with the gas station, which he's going to tell you why he bought that-

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Gayle:: By the cemetery.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Susan: By the cemetery.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Gayle:: That he talked about it.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Susan: This is all Sugar and Spice here.

Interviewer: That was the name of his drive in?

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Susan: That's his second drive in, because [crosstalk 00:03:05]-

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Gayle:: And by drive in-

Mr. Joe Ferreri: I decided Sugar and Spice was [crosstalk 00:03:07]-

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Gayle:: Park under ... Like A&W, you park under the thing.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Susan: Right. I was going to say, so that people [crosstalk 00:03:14] their eyes by driving [crosstalk 00:03:16] like A&W or Sonic. The places for them to just park their cars, and the food was brought out to them.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Gayle:: On roller skates, with the pretty women in tight skirts.

Mr. Joe Ferreri: Sugar and Spice, no.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Susan: The reason why it came about.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Gayle: Okay.

Mr. Joe Ferreri: So here I go, and I put the Sugar and Spice in, with beautiful girls. And the station, the airport that they had [inaudible 00:03:43] on Highway 21, going to Madisonville, I guess. And those guys would come down here and go on 21 as a cut off to go to a drive in. And all these guys were coming this way. And the Aggies this way. That's where the fight was. I found something over here, which I was looking, how I can just put them away. And that's why I bought that thing. And that was officially the Sugar and Spice. I put the Sugar and Spice in there. Put the pretty girls again. All of a sudden, all these guys up here in the airport found out I got a Sugar and Spice over here. Beautiful women. And they all went over here. The Aggies went over here.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Susan: He built the Sugar and Spice because ...

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Gayle: No more fighting.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Susan: The A&M said the airmen and the Aggies were fighting. So Daddy said, "I'll fix that." So he built the Sugar and Spice out by the air base, Coulter Field, Highway 21, so that they can use that one, and A&M, Aggies, can use the Triangle Drive In, and it would keep them separated.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Gayle: And they both had pretty girls.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Susan: Yes.

Mr. Joe Ferreri: No, no. That got me in trouble when I did that.

Mr. Ferreri's daughter Gayle: Okay.